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Host a Free Summer Intern-Applicationd due Feb 23.

[1/26/18] OASE Host Business – Call for Applicants The Oregon Applied Sustainability Experience (OASE)Intern Program wants you to host a 10-week, free intern to conduct Pollution Prevention research at your business. You may be able to address waste reduction and energy efficiency projects or integrate life cycle thinking and green chemistry & engineering concepts sooner and faster with the help of an OASE intern. An intern can make suggestions that improve efficiency, save money, reduce waste, or decrease regulatory requirements. Also, an intern has the time and creativity to research alternative equipment, procedures, chemicals, and raw materials. All proprietary information at your facility is kept confidential during and after the intern project. Applications are due Feb. 23, 2018 For project ideas, application details and application forms, contact Lisa Cox at or 503-229-5181.   more