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Servco Pacific Insurance - Servco Pacific Insurance Welcomes New Environmental Specialty Focus

[1/19/17] Seattle, WA 1/4/17 - Servco Pacific Insurance, an insurance brokerage and risk management firm, today announced the addition of an Environmental Practice Group. According to the firm, billions of dollars are wasted each year by businesses that take a reactive approach to their potential environmental exposures and most insurance brokerage firms don’t offer a service to address environmental exposures. The new specialty will cover Hawaii and the U.S. mainland. “Every company has some environmental exposure but it can be a complicated and difficult area to navigate,” said Joseph Hu, president of Servco Pacific Insurance. “The addition of an environmental specialty means we now have the expertise and resources to get our clients fully educated on their environmental exposures and options for properly managing them.” The firm’s environmental practice will be led by certified Environmental Strategist, Parker Bunbury. more

Great Western Coatings - Great Western Coatings – Expands to Central WA Joining Pacific Power’s Energy Alliance

[1/16/17] 1/16/17-Great Western Coatings announced the expansion of its industrial coating service to the Central Washington area from the Puget Sound, concurrent with joining Pacific Powers’ Energy Efficiency Alliance. GWC’s focus is improving industrial waste water compliance as well as energy efficiency through the application of coating systems designed for large industrial facilities. GWC President, Richard Wasilowski, relates that the Seneca Foods plant in the Yakima/Sunnyside area is a good example of what the new fluid coating technology can do. “We reduced surface roof temperatures up to 100 degrees, dramatically cutting Seneca’s energy consumption for cooling. At the same time, metal roofs experience vastly reduced zinc and heavy metal runoff delivering significant environmental storm water compliance benefits. We’re pleased to be bringing the latest environmental technology to the Central Washington area.” For more information visit more
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